If you’ve been in the market since the early 1990’s, you should remember that dating has not always been mandatory.

It was at that time that the then president Fernando Collor created the law that requires her presence in the packaging.

Without a pattern, there were several problems in different formats, such as erasers or labels that could be exchanged at points of sale to reuse products.

In this context, Júlio and Henrique developed a system to print information in a practical and effective way, which would revolutionize the market. It was thus that the idea of the first sealer, already with date, began to take shape, appearing as a request for a candy company.

The novelty spread and more demands began to appear.

After presenting a smart solution to meet an obvious need of manufacturers, the success of the product made them finally create in 1992 the JHM Máquinas.

Since then, it has been solidly developing machines that automate the packaging stage of products, going beyond the sealing machine.



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Over time, the catalog expanded to weighers, packers and even sacheteras, among other equipment. JHM Máquinas is always perfecting its products, seeking to improve systems in companies and factories with intelligent solutions.

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26 anos de tradição

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