Information of product

Tensão220Volts - 0,4A / 110Volts - 0,8A
Peso Aproximado 12Kg
Tamanho do Digítos2, 3 e 5mm
Tamanho da gravação20x40mm
Nº de gavetas até 3
Quantidade de dígitosaté 10 dígitos de 5mm por gaveta
Capacidade de Produção30 Embalagens por minuto

automatic date stamp


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Main Benefits:

Automatic daters is an equipment for those who specifically seek the printing of information on the packaging. It is interesting to apply in plastic bags, labels and labels.

Automatic packaging dater

  • Dispenses compressed air.
  • Hot stamper encoder, also known as hotstamp or hot stamping to date ready bags, cardboard boxes and others.
  • To date ready-made bags, cardboard boxes and others.
  • Printing made by disposable carbon tape and heated digits.
  • Digital system for temperature control and print speed.
  • Epoxy and stainless steel version

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