Information of product

Potência 440Watts
Tensão220 Volts - 2A / 110 Volts - 4A
Peso aproximado20kg
Tangeaté 300mm
Tamanho da gravação5x30mm
Nº de gavetasaté 3
Quantidade de dígitosAté 10 dígitos de 5mm por gaveta
Capacidade de produção20 Embalagens por minuto

Automatic Sealer with dates


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Main Benefits:

Automatic weighing of high precision

Seals packaging of various widths with perfect finish
Perfect Packaging with Manufacturing, Expiration and Batch dates
Produces around 10,000 packages / day with 1 operator
Epoxy and stainless steel version

Easy to handle, it has a beaded pair of jaws that open and close automatically. It has digital electronic controllers for opening, closing and temperature times guaranteeing maximum efficiency when sealing your packaging.

MICROMATIC has tubular steel resistances, offering high durability. It can work in automatic or manual mode through a control (pedal) activated by a light touch, automatically moving the jaws. Painting with phosphate treatment with electrostatic epoxy base.

JHM is a pioneer in Automatic Sealers with date for bags of different types of packaging.

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