Information of product

Altura 306mm
Potência 650Watts
Tensão220Volts - 3A / 110Volts - 6A
Opcional Inkdate
Peso aproximado40kg
Capacidade de produção7 metros por minuto
Normas utilizadas NR-10 e NR-12
Tamanho da gravação 3x30mm por gaveta
Range da embalagem5 à 200 Abaixo da soldan5 à 55 Acima da soldanEmbalagem até 500g
Largura da esteira150mm e 280mm

Automatic Sealer with dates

Roadpress Compact StandUP

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Main Benefits:

Perfect automatic sealer for all types of packaging (PP, PE, BOPP, Solapa, Laminate, Metallic, Surgical grade…)

The continuous sealer – ROADPRESS COMPACT STANDUP – is capable of sealing packages of various widths with perfect finishing. It allows the personalization of the package with the dates of FAB, VAL and LOT.

The Roadpress Compact Standup Continuous Sealer is designed to work with all types of packaging. It has feet with adjustable height and angle base that provides the perfect fit for perfect sealing.

  • Ideal for working with products that have size variations such as bread, frozen and other
  • 100% national production
  • Saddle various widths
  • Perfect sealing
  • Ink Dater with No Need for Compressed Air: Validity and Lot Manufacturing
  • Compact, easy to handle and light
  • 150mm or 280mm wide belt to carry bags up to 2000 grams
  • Has table with height and inclination adjustment
  • With high performance Teflon strap (up to 6 months working life)
  • NR-12 in all versions – Prevents accidents when operating the equipment.
  • Available in epoxy and stainless steel versions


JHM is a pioneer in Automatic Sealer with bag dating for various types of packaging.


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