Automatic weighing machines

Max Quattro

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Main Benefits:

Maxi – Quattro automatic weighing machine

New exclusive system with 4 weighing scales that supports various styles of simultaneous weighing. The Maxi-Quattro Quattro Automatic Weigher ensures that the weighing is accurate, avoiding waste and ensuring that the customer always purchases the quantity informed on the labels and packages.

Increase your production with 4 weighing scales

In addition, Maxi-Quattro can be combined with the automatic packaging machine, so you can reduce labor and packaging costs and increase productivity with industrial automation. The automatic wrapper doing the job of the sealer while actually creating the packaging.

Forms packages with 3 welds, with or without square bottom.
PLC technology – programmable logic controller, on a fully micro-processed touch-screen.
Epoxy and stainless steel version

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