Information of product

Altura 1150mm
Altura do carrinho900mm
Tensão220Volts - 1A / 100Volts -2A
Peso aproximado 60kg
Rangeaté 25 Litros
Volume do siloaté 70 Litros
Capacidade de produção10 Embalagens por minuto
Tolerância1% + Erro produto
Norma utilizada NR-10
Peso Min/max0,005kg até 2kg

Automatic weighing machines


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Main Benefits:

High Precision Automatic Weighing

Ideal for weighing grains, powders, herbs, animal feed, condiments, natural products and more.
It guarantees accurate weighing, avoiding waste of raw material and ensuring that the end customer always purchases the quantity informed on the packaging labels.
Use Mediomatic with our sealers and 1 Operator in 2m² produces about 5,000 packages / day, weighing, filling the packages, sealing and dating with a fine weld finish.
The Mediomatic weigher can be automated with the Minipack or Mecapack packer.

Epoxy and stainless steel version

JHM is the pioneer in automatic weighing machines.

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