Information of product

Altura 1500mm
Tensão220Volts - 3A / 110 Volts - 6A
Peso aproximado170kg
Capacidade de produção9 metros por minuto
Tamanho da gravação5x30mm por gaveta
Tamanho da embalagem 45mm até 925mm de altura
Opcionais Inkdate e Cortador
Normas utilizadasNR-10 e NR-12

Continuous Sealer with date stamp G3

Roadpress G3 Mammoth

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Main Benefits:

20,000 BAGS IN 8 HOURS

  • It seals and dates neatly several types of packaging.
  • Roadpress G3 Mammoth – To seal Polyethylene (PE), Laminate, Metallized, BOPP, Stan-up pouch and others with up to 25 kg
  • Optional accessory: Conveyor belt for heavy packages (greater than 1 kg).
  • Compact and with wheels that allow to be transported with ease.
  • Epoxy and stainless steel version

ROADPRESS Continuous Sealing Machine seals without unlimited width by being continuous. Compact and with wheels that allow to be transported with ease, it has a perfect beaded finish. It is possible to emboss the dates of manufacture, validity or lot. Enables customization of the packaging with the company logo and phone.

JHM is the pioneer in automatic sealing machines with datalinks.

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