Information of product

Altura 1200mm
Comprimento 1380mm
Tensão220Volts - 3A / 100Volts - 6A
Tolerância 3mm
Peso aproximado90kg
Capacidade de produção9 metros por minuto
Tamanho da gravação 5x30mm
Tamanho da embalagem45mm até 660mm de altura
OpcionaisInkdate, Cortador e Esteira
Normas utilizadasNR-10 e NR-12

Continuous Sealer with date stamp G3

Roadpress G3 PP

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Main Benefits:

ROADPRESS G3 PP Continuous Sealing Machine seals without unlimited width by being continuous. Compact and with wheels that allow to be transported with ease, it has a perfect beaded finish. It is possible to emboss the dates of manufacture, validity or lot. Enables customization of the packaging with the company logo and phone.

20,000 BAGS IN 8 HOURS

  • It seals and dates neatly several types of packaging.
  • Roadpress G3 PP – For sealing polypropylene (PP)
  • Optional accessory: Conveyor belt for heavy packages (greater than 1 kg).
  • Compact and with wheels that allow to be transported with ease.
  • Epoxy and stainless steel version


JHM is the pioneer in automatic sealing machines with datalinks.

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