Information of product

Altura 1308mm
Tensão220Volts - 7A
Peso Aprox.230kg
Pressão ar6 à 10Bar
Range20x50mm até 150x200mm (Largura x Altura)
Tamanho da gravação30x15mm com Hotstamping
Normas utilizadasNR-10 e NR-12
Capacidade de produção20 Embalagens por minuto
OpcionaisHotstamping; Esteira coletora.

sachet machine

Sachematic 1 Via

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Main Benefits:

The Sachematic 1 Via bag is a slightly more specific item in the JHM Machines product line.
It is suitable for companies that manufacture products that can be sold in sachets such as sauces and sugars.

PACKING SACHES of 4 WELDING – Sachematic 1

  • With SACHEMATIC you pack sachets with 4 side welds starting from a coil.
  • Power Manual or automatic when connected to our weighers.
  • Technology with programmable logic controller (CLP) in fully microprocessed touchscreen.
  • Epoxy and stainless steel version

JHM is the highlight in sachets maker.

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